lurker's craft

Lurker's Craft

Welcome to the Lurker's Craft website. We are an Australian-based independent computer games developer, formed in 2006 by QUT graduates and members of the Brisbane chapter of the International Game Developers' Association.

Lurker's Craft has been awarded twice in the '48 hour game competition' held at the QUT Kelvin Grove campus. Download our creations from the games page on this site, and then see the competition website for details about what we're up against each year.

We use the following engines to construct our game prototypes:

  • Unity3d
  • Torque
  • Quest 3D
Feel free to contact us if you'd like to get involved.

Featured Game

Summertime Getaway

Summertime Getaway
Our offering for 2008's 48hour game making competition; the words for the game were Watermelon, Astronaut, and Summertime. The player controls a female scientist aboard the ex-luxury spacecraft, "Summertime". She must avoid or dispose of mutated watermelons hell-bent on getting theirs back on humanity, while racing against the clock to get to the craft's escape pods.

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